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Re: last modified date in swish-e index file

From: Bill Meier <bill(at)>
Date: Mon May 28 2001 - 21:11:59 GMT
At 01:54 AM 05/28/01, Bill Moseley wrote:
> >It would be very helpful to be able to have the last modified date in
> >the index file that swish-e generates.
>Yes it would.
> >In my case I would like to be able to just report that information to in
> >the search results since it helps the user decide relevance of the
> >document.
> > swish-e -w not ssksk -x '<swishlastmodified>\n'  -m 1
># SWISH format: 2.1-dev-21
># Search words: not ssksk
># Number of hits: 121
># Search time: 0.000 seconds
># Run time: 0.007 seconds
>2000-02-23 15:11:39

I think Steve is asking to also include the modification date, rather than 
only the modification date? That can be easily done too; swish has the data 
(as you can see above). The only work is getting it from the output of 
swish into whatever UI front end you are using to display the returned 
results to the user.

Received on Mon May 28 21:12:51 2001