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Using Spidering

From: Peter Yung <yungp(at)>
Date: Tue May 22 2001 - 16:37:20 GMT

I am currently still using Swish 1.3.2 and I have just successfully installed the necessary Perl modules such as LWP, which the swishspider program needs.  Thanks for all the advice by the way.

I have a new problem now.

I have been trying to index my homepage on another ISP and I only seem to be able to index one html file on my home directory, which is the index.html file, but I know that I have way more *.html files under my home directory, which have not been indexed.

My URL looks like this "

Is there a particular setting on the userconfig file that I should set?



Received on Tue May 22 16:41:17 2001