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Re: Way factors in Swish-e

From: Bill Meier <bill(at)>
Date: Tue May 15 2001 - 12:44:37 GMT
At 06:32 AM 05/15/01, Ed van Heeren wrote:
>I am using swish-e 1.3 and have the following question:
>Is is possible to set the way factor of resp; URL of the site indexed, TITLE
>of the site, BODY text
>with indexing by HHTP or FS method?
>   After I indexed 5 sites about didgeridoo's, I searched for the word
>   The site with the url: didn't come up as number 1
>So basicly my question is: how can I influence the site/url ranking with

The URL is not an item that is considered when ranking. Words that appear 
in the title or header are ranked higher than those in the body. (These 
weighting factors aren't setable at the moment) We hope to be making some 
improvements in ranking for V2.2.

Received on Tue May 15 12:45:01 2001