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Truncate error

From: <info(at)>
Date: Wed May 09 2001 - 22:36:13 GMT
Bill Meier wrote

>I had this problem too, when using -- the problem is that it 
>attempts to "know too much" about some of the swish syntax. In this case, 
>it strips off the * character from the string before passing it to -w ... 
>the reason the first query probably worked, is probably related to word 
>stemming or something.
>Anyway, to fix your problem, edit and add * just inside the 
>closing square bracket in the two character lists below (as shown) . . .

Bill Meier for King! Thank you kind sir. Your patches were clearly 
explained, easy to implement, and worked perfectly. When you get your 900 
tech support number going, please let me know.

Peter S. Young
Received on Wed May 9 22:37:03 2001