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Re: SWISH ranking vs. AltaVista

From: <jmruiz(at)>
Date: Thu May 03 2001 - 11:53:04 GMT

> Two points.  You are searching your site, so I'd expect that searching
> for "insulators" might turn up a lot of hits for "insulators". 
> Altavista has a lot smaller portion of "insulator" pages, so I'd
> expect it to come up higher.  Index one page on, say, MP3 technology
> on your site, and I'll bet it will come up higher at your site than in
> Altavista where there's tens of thousands of sites about MP3s.
> Second, phrase searches (which means word positions) are new to swish.
>  So word proximity hasn't been taken into account (as far as I know)
> -- yet. Altavista probably does take that into account.  My guess it
> that kind of scoring is non-trivial with complicated queries that
> might include a combination of metaname, and/or phrase searches, and
> grouped AND, NOT, and OR searches.

Yep!! the rank uses the old routine from 1.X. As Bill points, any other 
routine is welcome.

Received on Thu May 3 11:53:48 2001