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SWISH ranking vs. AltaVista

From: Bill Meier <bill(at)>
Date: Sat Apr 28 2001 - 19:02:24 GMT
I thought this was slightly amusing...

I have 1580 pages indexed from my site, and one of the pages is titled 
"Insulator Show Calendar". I wanted to see how well that showed up in the 
rankings for a search I would expect some one to try...

So, I went to my swish search page, and typed in Insulator Show, and got 
these results:


The Insulator show calender (which was what I expected to see ranked 
"high"), was number 33 in the list, with a swish rank of only 54.

I went to my "reference" search engine, AltaVista, and tried the same 
search of Insulator Show and got


Our site's insulator show calendar was the first and second item listed!!!!

(as you can see, neither query included quotes around the terms -- that 
would imply I had too much knowledge about my site's pages for a fair 

How many hundred million URL's does AltaVista have? I think they stopped 
that counting game a few years ago, but it certainly has to be 500M - 1B 
these days. And, how many pages from my site are indexed in AltaVista (so 
as to provide a accurate comparison with swish)? Using the url: query, it 
gave me 1194, so a significant number of the pages are in their index.

I think swish has great potential, but there has to be something wrong with 
its ranking algorithm. This was quite an eye opener for me...

Try it for yourself, if you have a chunk of your site indexed in AltaVista 
as well as with swish. Let us know who did better!

Received on Sat Apr 28 19:02:57 2001