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RE: Indexing over 1,100 files

From: Bill Moseley <moseley(at)>
Date: Sat Apr 28 2001 - 05:01:49 GMT
At 09:46 PM 04/27/01 -0700, Michael Derrick Whang wrote:
>We are using Solaris 2.7 (aka *7*) with Apache as the Web Server Software.
>What i did was to take the directory that contained 1,100 .html files and
>split it into 4 directories:
>At the moment I'm trying a search after indexing only ttp_htms2
>and ttp_htms4 and it is bombing.  But I can do a successful search
>if ONLY a single directory is indexed (say ttp_htms1).  This is
>truly weird.

I don't think the number of files is the problem.  Can you give more
details like what your configuration file contains, the commands you are
using for indexing and searching, and any output from those commands?   And
the output from running ./swish-e -V.  

And what do you mean by bombing?  Is the entire machine bogging down?
What's top show or ps show when you give swish a query?  

You mention running Apache.  Are you running swish from some type of CGI
interface?  If so, run it from the command line instead and see what happens.

Does running the query with truss give any clues?

Bill Moseley
Received on Sat Apr 28 05:02:27 2001