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RE: Indexing over 1,100 files

From: Michael Derrick Whang <mwhang(at)>
Date: Sat Apr 28 2001 - 01:03:56 GMT
The problem we are experiencing in the library's digital archive
collections, which house approx. 1,100 .html files, is that when a user
types in a search for say "Palau", SWISHE boggs down and the user never
gets a hit list.

When my system administrator instructed SWISHE v.1.x to index only a
hundred files or so in the problem directory....the search funcion worked

It was suggested that the OS might be the problem, but I'm too
inexperienced to investigate that further until the system administrator
recovers from illness.

I cannot provide you folks with the URL to the search dialogue box because
i disabled the link to the /cgi-bin/ for the time being.

In conclusion, I'm just trying to document possible problem areas for the
system administrator so that we could investigate the problem together.

I really appreciate everyone's input to my query.

Much is appreciated sincerely.

Michael Whang

Univ. of Hawaii

On Fri, 27 Apr 2001, Dave Stevens wrote:

> Just to chime in on the number of files, we have nearly 35,000 files in one
> directory and index, with three smaller dirs and indices of 20,000 or so
> html files.  The the dir with 35,000 posts takes about 8 minutes to index
> on a Sun 220r with 2 x 400 Mhz and 2 GB RAM.
> We are just starting to use Swish-e on docs other than html or text.
> Dave
Received on Sat Apr 28 01:05:25 2001