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Search ranking question...

From: Bill Meier <bill(at)>
Date: Fri Apr 27 2001 - 16:58:55 GMT
Hello everyone...

I'm a new SWISH user, and I like what I see (mostly ;-) I have been setting 
it up to catalog my 1500+ page site. But, I have been trying some searches, 
and some of them yield the most unexpected results...

This search


or go to and type in Magazines

yields very strange results...

The page listed #1 has the word "magazine" twice (but they are bolded)
The page listed #2 have "magazine" in the body once (not bold)
The pages that list #3, 4, 5 only have the word "magazines" ONCE down in 
the body of the text.

BUT, page listed #6 has the title "Magazines", has a H1 Magazines, and also 
has "magazines" appearing at least three other times on the page! Why is 
THIS page ranked so low???

Yes, I have stem searching configured. And the index is merged from several 
smaller ones that I have built because on my (virtual) server I don't have 
enough memory to build the whole index at once. I have my own list of 
stopwords, and of course magazine is not one of them!

I don't need a full explanation of the ranking algorithm, but the "obvious" 
match seems quite far down (and also only yields a swish rank of 217, 
compared to 1&2 at 1000, and 3,4,5 at 665).


Thanks in advance...

Bill Meier
Glass Insulators Pages Webmaster and developer
Received on Fri Apr 27 17:00:12 2001