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Re: no files being indexed using http,,,,,

From: <Kevin.Fay(at)>
Date: Thu Apr 26 2001 - 18:35:45 GMT
I have a file "swishspider" that came with the swish-e download. Opening 
it I see that it's written in Perl. In the directory where that file 
exists I did this:

C:\jakarta-tomcat-3.2\src>perl -c swishspider
swishspider syntax OK

what next?

Bill Moseley <>
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04/26/01 02:20 PM
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        Subject:        [SWISH-E] Re: no files being indexed using http,,,,,

At 11:15 AM 04/26/01 -0700, wrote: 



I'm running ActiveState-5.6.0 for Win32 on NT 4.0. 

The version of swish-e that I have installed is 1.3.2. 

Bill, those ppm commands are responding just like you mention below. Does
this mean that I have the necessary LWP modules? 


Looks like it.  You can run the swishspider like:

      perl -c

(from the where swishspider is located, of course) to see what it
complains about.

Bill Moseley
Received on Thu Apr 26 18:38:16 2001