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Re: no files being indexed using http

From: Chris Blackstone <cblackst(at)>
Date: Thu Apr 26 2001 - 16:36:56 GMT
Here are the modules  needed to install swish-e

 	File::Spec ( - search on name)
	File::Temp ( - search on name)
	libwww-perl ( - has links to all the following
except Tagset)
		HTML-Tagset ( - search on name)
additionally, you can download the most current swish-daily at

chris wrote:
> Bill,
> I have Perl installed and configured properly on my machine. I'm
> getting the same results when I try to build the http index. You
> mentioned something about LWP and some other support modules. What is
> LWP (and the support modules) and where can I download these?
> Thanks,
> Kevin
Received on Thu Apr 26 16:52:38 2001