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Re: error indexing site

From: <Kevin.Fay(at)>
Date: Wed Apr 25 2001 - 21:57:09 GMT
Can I use the config files at that link to create HTTP indexes?

Bill Moseley <>
04/25/01 03:33 PM

        To:, Multiple recipients of list 
        Subject:        Re: [SWISH-E] error indexing site

At 12:11 PM 04/25/01 -0700, wrote: 



I am trying to index my site and am getting the following error: 

"Illegal regular expression [a-z_0_9]*_m.*\.html" 

I see this is specified in the user.config file. Should this be a
different value?


The user.config said:

#ReplaceRules replace "[a-z_0-9]*_m.*\.html" "index.html"

Did you cut-n-paste or is that underscore a typo?  Regardless, even your
example above compiles on my machine.

Can you give an example of the kind of filename you would like to
rewrite?  Please cut-n-paste your config file when replying to the 

BTW -- the user.config file has been replaced with a number of example
config files.  I think it was common for people to use that file by
default instead of writing their own. See:

Bill Moseley
Received on Wed Apr 25 21:58:56 2001