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Re: Question re: -s swishtitle

From: David Wood <dwood(at)>
Date: Wed Apr 25 2001 - 20:52:01 GMT
Hi David N.,

Are you sure about what you're saying?  When we sort by either 
swishlastmodified desc or swishrank desc the results from the two indices 
seem to get mixed properly.  Plus, when we search by swishtitle asc, we 
don't get all the results from one index and then all the results from the 
other, we get about 10 from one index, then a few from the other, then a mix.


David W.

At 21:49 25-04-01, David L. Norris wrote:
>David Wood wrote:
>>Running SWISH-E 2.1-dev-20 with:
>>../swish-e -w "brio*" -f destination.index spider.index -s swishtitle
>>is giving the output listed below, which does not seem to be sorted by 
>>title.  Are we missing something here?
>Yes, I think so.  Each index is searched in series.  You are getting two 
>sets of results.  The first is sorted alphabetically then the second is 
>sorted alphabetically.  Specifying multiple indices does not merge 
>results. It eliminates the time required to exec multiple forks in 
>scripts.  It's similar to running the program twice in a row and 
>concatenating the results.
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