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Lookup 1.6 installation via FTP

From: AusAqua <ausaqua(at)>
Date: Mon Apr 23 2001 - 16:10:42 GMT
Dear all,

I wondered if anyone could please help me with answers to some SWISH
installation-related questions.

I have been attempting to install a package called "Lookup 1.6" (includes as
main folders swish 1.3.3, swish, autoswish, SWISH-E, Date-Calc-4.2,  and
HTML-Parser-2.22).  I operate a Mac (System 8.1) and have downloaded,
unzipped and untarred the file (on a PC) and reloaded to Mac.  I have then
FTP'd the various files to my web site, which is hosted on a Linux server.
The server operator informs me that the Web site has full cgi & PERL

So far I have been spectacularly unsuccessful in getting any of the search
functions (simple.cgi, search.cgi), or other functions, to work through a
web page and am now beginning to wonder whether it is actually possible to
just upload the files for this package via FTP and expect the whole thing

Unfortunately the various ReadMe files that come in the package do not
provide enough direction as to correct installation of the package, for the
level of knowledge I have about such installations.

Has anyone had any success in installing this package, or simply swish-e,
onto a remote Linux server, via FTP, preferably from a Mac?
Can the "build", "make file" & indexing functions be instigated on the
remote Linux machine from a Mac, and are these steps necessary if installing
via FTP?
I'd be most grateful if somebody could please help me out with step by step
instructions for installing Lookup 1.6 via FTP?
I am not sure that the various files 1.6 are actually placed within the
appropriate directories or subdirectories on the server.  Could anybody help
me out with a map of exactly where to put the various files within my
domain?   I can provide screen captures to illustrate current file placement
within the cgi-bin, if that would help in answering my questions.  Please
advise me & I'll e-mail as GIF attachments.
Thankyou in anticipation,

Andrew Lord 
Received on Mon Apr 23 16:30:19 2001