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ignoring words inside form elements

From: Myke Komarnitsky <myke(at)>
Date: Thu Apr 12 2001 - 00:13:48 GMT
I got a quick response from that last one, thank you!  Another query:  we 
use a pulldown for navigation, so the html looks like:

<SELECT NAME="routes" onChange="switchRoute(this.form)">
<OPTION VALUE="">Choose a Route</OPTION>
<OPTION  VALUE="crimp_master">Crimp Master - *</OPTION>
<OPTION  VALUE="dyno_one">Dyno One - *</OPTION>

Unfortunately, queries that match the pulldowns (say "Crimp Master") pull 
up every page with that in the nav tool.... is there a way to ignore text 
inside a form element such as this?

Thanks in advance,

Michael Komarnitsky      Komar Consulting Group
Received on Thu Apr 12 00:15:30 2001