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Integrating an external index into SWISH-E?

From: Paul Sandwell <aps(at)>
Date: Thu Mar 01 2001 - 16:24:16 GMT

I look after an internal technical site with several hundred AutoCAD
Many of the drawings are old and the text is held as plot vectors,
rather than text strings, so there's no way to scan them. We have
started keyword indexing them manually and building our own 
keyword->file index, which we search with a simple perl CGI script. 

Is there a way to insert our keyword index into SWISH-E? Our index
contains the  URL and a string of keywords for each drawing. I've
searched the docs and mailing-list archives but haven't turned up
anything suitable yet.

As far as I can see, there are two ways I can tackle this:
1) Create a meta-data file for each drawing from our index, and let
Swish-E loose on those
2) Create a special URL which feeds info for one drawing at a time and
have Swish-E keep hammering on that

Both methods seem to be awfully roundabout ways to go about it. Is there
a way I can feed our keyword index directly into Swish-E? If there
isn't, maybe someone could tell me the right place to start in Swish-E
to implement it.


Paul Sandwell      Sandwell Technologies, Inc.
Hired hand at      Burlington Northern Santa Fe
Received on Thu Mar 1 16:29:11 2001