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NOT operator processing

From: Scott Schultz <scott(at)>
Date: Mon Feb 12 2001 - 19:26:43 GMT
I'm running swish-e 2.0. For a while now, I've been having
to work around a parsing problem, so I'd like some input from
the design team as to whether this is intentional or a bug.

Briefly, if NOT is the first term of a match string then
the string will fail. If something precedes it, then it 
works fine.

For instance, the following search string fails:

(not ada) and (software or fortran)

while this one succeeds:

(software or fortran) not ada

In fact, the simple string:

not software

has to be re-written by the processing script as :

(a* or b* or c* or ... z*) not software

in order to produce any search results.

Bug or no? 

Scott Schultz 
Received on Mon Feb 12 19:32:49 2001