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Re: Conpilation on Compaq Tru64 UNIX

From: Dave Stevens <dstevens(at)>
Date: Tue Feb 06 2001 - 18:09:18 GMT
>I have used GNU gcc and gmake

Solaris has a gmake also, and it's not the same build as GNU make.  There
have been one or two things that I've compiled that wouldn't build with
Solaris version gmake, but would with the binary of GNU make from

>I agree: libs to specify maybe the problem... but which one?

Perhaps a path issue?  If it's a full GNU gcc distribution compare version
numbers to the the current version).  Sometimes the manufacturer provided
ports aren't identical to the current releases. Is there a user community
at Compaq?  If it is libs and paths, I bet some one has run into it before.

Received on Tue Feb 6 18:14:03 2001