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Q: Swish-E foreign language character support

From: Kati Gbler <katigaebler(at)>
Date: Sun Feb 04 2001 - 09:26:01 GMT
Hello Swish-E users,

I just set up Swish-E for the first time, and I got it working successfully 
using the HTTP method, and doing command line, or CGI-form searching.

The only feature I'm missing is support for some of the foreign language 
characters. For example, commonly used German characters are: . And 
various Spanish, Italian, and French characters are:    etc., they 
don't get returned in the search results, I guess because they're not 
indexed, as it states in the Swish-E config file, only use these ones:


In any case, I tested adding the characters  in the config file and in the 
HTML files, and re-indexed, but as I expected, it didn't work. Although, I 
also tested using German characters () in the META tags ("PropertyNames"), 
and notably in that situation they worked when I did a command line search 
with the -p option.

I have a site in Spanish, Italian, French, German and English, so for my 
purpose its important to make these foreign characters work. Does anyone know 
a fix to this? or would much of the Swish-E code need to be re-built to make 
it work?. As such, maybe it would be better for me to find another search 
engine, any advise on this foreign-character problem would be appreciated!


PS: I just joined the list, so I'm not sure if its working, please include a 
CC of any replies to me at Thanks.


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Received on Sun Feb 4 09:29:40 2001