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Re: Swish Documentation

From: Bruce Bowler <bbowler(at)>
Date: Tue Dec 12 2000 - 17:24:53 GMT
I think he meant "Windows HTML Help", not just "Windows HTML".  i.e. the
so-called ".CHM" ("Compiled HTML Help files")

I've never had a crash that I can attribute the Acrobat Reader (V3 or V4)
on any of the number of computers that I use/support/manage (~100
different systems for at least the last 5 years). I've had lots of
crashes/freezes/general screw-ups that I can directly attribute to NS
and MSIE.

Advantages of PDF over HTML
  - PDF can be made to represent the EXACT page layout the author wanted.
	So can postscript.  ASCII can "come close" but has other 
	limitations.  That cannot be achieved with HTML.
  - I can, with one command, generate a printout of the entire,
	paginated as the author wanted, document if it's a PDF document.
	That cannot be done with HTML.  Think "cozy up with a good book".

Advantages of HTML over PDF
  - HTML will likely be smaller, but is that really an advantage?

On 12/12/00 11:59:44 AM, SRE put fingers to keyboard and wrote:

> At 03:45 AM 12/12/00, Greg Caulton wrote:
> >Windows HTML seems pointless, as such a small subset of people would be
> >able to read it (though everyone with VisualC++6.0 etc.)
> Windoze HTML, like HTML anywhere else, is viewable with Netscape or MSIE
> or Lynx or Mosaic... lots of HTML browsers out there. (Think world wide web!)
> Just yesterday my wife informed me that her Windoze 98 box at work is one
> of those machines that views PDF just fine, but then the next tool she
> starts crashes the machine and she has to reboot. If that's at all common,
> PDF isn't the way to go.

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Received on Tue Dec 12 17:27:32 2000