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Re: Swish Documentation

From: Frank Heasley <DrHeasley(at)>
Date: Mon Dec 11 2000 - 19:55:48 GMT

I'm surprised that folks feel so strongly about this.  I don't want to get 
into a protracted discussion about this, but...

Many people, myself included, will not allow Acrobat on their systems as it 
can cause instability (read: your computer crashes  when you try to run 
it).  In general, it's not a good idea(tm) to present data in .pdf format 
because a significant segment of your audience cannot read it.

Aside from POD, HTML is actually the most universally readable format.  If 
there is to be an alternative, it shoudl be in HTML to reach the largest 
number of people.


At 10:41 AM 12/11/00 -0800, you wrote:
>Agreed that there should be a single format for each platform, but I
>must say... Yeech to HTML. PDF is the way to go...
>On 12/11/00 1:00:02 PM, SRE put fingers to keyboard and wrote:
> > At 06:17 PM 12/10/00, David Norris wrote:
> > >Any suggestions for the Windows documentation would be nice.
> >
> > HTML! Don't build a separate format for each platform.
> > (PDF would be almost as good as HTML, but bigger)
> >
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