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Re: Crash in Swish-e 1.3.2

From: David Norris <dave(at)>
Date: Wed Nov 22 2000 - 11:02:08 GMT wrote:
> I have found that if a file extension is more than 11 characters
> long, indexing in swish-e crashes on Windows.  I'm using the
> Windows builds of version 1.3.2 (or 1.3.1) from David Norris.

After a bit of debugging...  This problem is not at all specific to
Windows.  There is some sort of memory allocation problem (segfault)
with addsortentry with 1.3.2.

This problem DOES NOT exist in 2.0.3 either in Windows or Unix.  I was
able to successfully index a file with well over 50 characters in the
file extension in both Linux 2.2 and Windows 98.

I don't think it would be trivial to fix this problem in 1.3.2.  Maybe
someone more familiar with the changes could elaborate.  Upgrading to
2.0.3 might be the best option if at all feasible.

As for the Win32 dirent.c, I think there are some problems now that I
look through the MSDN Library.  Windows is much more similar to Unix
than when that library was ported to Win32 (in 1992).  I think it would
be good to replace it with an updated version.  I have tested several
libraries which provide the same features as dirent.c.  (readdir.c and
another also named dirent.c)  They all seem to work just fine.  I'm
going to do some testing to see if previously reported Win32 directory
I/O oddities are resolved with one of them.  I think it may clear up
some conflicting behavior between Unix and Windows versions.

,David Norris
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