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title and non html

From: <jmruiz(at)>
Date: Mon Nov 20 2000 - 16:10:35 GMT
Hi Rainer,

I have been looking at your suggestions about the code and I agree 
with you:

- isokhtml and ishtml pieces of code should not be in 
indexadir (fs.c). Like you, I think they are there for 
historical reasons.

- looking now at funcion http_indexpath (http.c): if we have set the 
document type based on its extension (Eg: IndexContents HTML 
.htm .html), it has non sense checking for text ("text/") in the http 
header and, as you states, we are using an html-like approach to get 
the words instead of a plain txt. At least we have to check for 
"text/html" or "text/plain". Anyway, I think that this piece of code can 
be removed. 

- do_index_file (index.c) does not need title if we get it inside the 
countwords_XXX routine. Making things this way, probably 
DOCENTRY does not need title and this structure can be removed.

- xml.c, txt.c. Totally agree. They need some code for 
title/summary/description and the title parameter in the call to the 
routine is not needed.

IMO summary/description means "title" for html documents. Other
documents can have their own summary. So, any reference to title 
should be removed outside the countwords_HTML routine.

Received on Mon Nov 20 16:12:13 2000