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RE: Have I hit the wall? swish-e hangs on 55MB index

From: Dave Stevens <dstevens(at)>
Date: Mon Nov 20 2000 - 01:43:59 GMT
Thanks for your note, Rainer.

>I uses swish on 4.5 GBytes database (txt, html, pdf and docs).
>Our indexfile is about 50 MB and no problem so far. The index
>takes @2h to generate... (Sun Server).

If I can ask, which Sun box is it?  I just tried on my Ultra 5 (360Mhz, 512
MB RAM, Solaris 8), and the same thing happens, though the index is
generated much fater than on the x86 box.   Eventually it is to run on a
Sun 220r (2x 450Mhz and 2GB RAM, Solaris 8), and as soon as they arrive,
I'll test on that.  That machine will run the backups, Swish and the log

>If you habe an old version a request like "a* or b*" "crashes" the
>system - like you descibed....

When I moved the site to this Cobalt, from MIPS based Cobalt in Sept, I got
the current distribution at that time.  It's definately an index size/
computer processing power issue, because if I launch a search on a smaller
index on the same site, it completes it without an issue, while the threads
searching the big index hang.  We must be right on the cusp, as when the
index was around 50 MB or, it was no problem.

Thanks for your help, I'll keep poking at it.  ;-)

Received on Mon Nov 20 01:45:37 2000