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Re: Port of SWISH-E 2.1.4 on OpenVMS

From: Piéronne Jean-François <jfp(at)>
Date: Tue Nov 14 2000 - 16:32:10 GMT
Hi Jose,

> Hi Jean-François,
> Of course, you can. Let us know about your modifications.

I have build a zip file (less than 100k) which contains all the files.
Can i mail you this zip file ?
> By the way, remember that 2.1.x has bugs. 2.0.3 is the stable
> version (in a few days it will be 2.0.4).

Ok, i will port 2.0.4 when you release it. But when version 2.1.x will
be production ready it will also build on OpenVMS.
DEC C compiler has detect some problems in the 2.1.4 would you want
these compiler warnings ?


Received on Tue Nov 14 16:47:08 2000