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Indexing filenames with chracters out of range

From: Fulvio Malfatto <f.malfatto(at)>
Date: Thu Nov 02 2000 - 10:40:17 GMT
I need to index a tree containing strage filenames : they are
files from a Catia CAD  Applications and their names contain
chracters like &#177(plus or minus) ant other amenities.

All the files end whit .model so I configured :

IndexOnly .model
NoContents .model

Swish-e does read them but does not follow the statement saying
not to index the content :

Checking dir "/webs/modelli"...
   ASD±EX02´01±±±ASSEMBLY±MODEL±OF±A±DISK±BRAKE.model (801 words)
   ASD±EX02´02±±±DISK.model (1548 words)
   ASD±EX02´02±±±DISK±ORIG.model (1550 words)
   ASD±EX02´03±±±WHEEL±SUPPORT.model (931 words)
   ASD±EX02´03±±±WHEEL±SUPPORT±CON±EDGE.model (926 words)
   ASD±EX02´03±±±WHEEL±SUPPORT±CON±TEXTURE.model (975 words)
   ASD±EX02´04±±±WHEEL±AXLE.model (1461 words)
   ASD±EX02´05±±±SPACER.model (74 words)
   ASD±EX02´06±±±SPINDLE.model (309 words)
   ASD±EX02´07±±±BEARING.model (779 words)
   ASD±EX02´07±±±BEARINGSPOSTATO.model (920 words)
   ASD±EX02´08±±±PISTONS.model (133 words)
   ASD±EX02´09±±±BLOCKS.model (137 words)
   ASD±EX02´10±±±FLANGE.model (1571 words)

How can I filter these characters in the file names ?
I know I should use a
ReplaceRule Remove
but how can I write there the characters to ignore ?
Thanks in advance
  Fulvio MALFATTO --- Open Tecnology Consulting ---
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Received on Thu Nov 2 10:45:21 2000