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Re: Mysql

From: Bas Meijer <bas(at)>
Date: Fri Oct 20 2000 - 08:07:20 GMT

I want to try to include Ken's mysql patch into the Swish-E I inlude 
with Lookup
( I want to generate the swish-e 
Makefile with autoconf configure. My checks for mysql 
like this, but I dont know how to 'find' libdir and the directory 
that holds mysql.h, so now libdir and myheaderdir are hardcoded in (for Linux). Does someone know how to autoconf mysql??

Bas Meijer

# from
dnl Checks for header files.
AC_CHECK_HEADERS(strings.h unistd.h mysql/mysql.h)
dnl Check for MySQL

# from
libdir = /usr/lib
myheaderdir = /usr/include/mysql

At 13:28 -0700 11-10-2000, Ken Berland wrote:
>I've patched swish-1.3 to accept data from mysql.  The .conf file params
>look like this:
>MysqlRules host your-mysql-host
>MysqlRules database your-db-name
>MysqlRules username your-mysql-username
>MysqlRules password your-password
>MysqlRules table name-of-table
>MysqlRules title-column unused-right-now
>MysqlRules primary-key column-with-primary-key
>MysqlRules data-column column-with-text-date
>I think all the params are necesary, but I'm not sure.  This has been a
>pretty quick exercise.
>It needs to be integrated into the distibution, but seems to work.
>1) Unpack the swish-efiles.1.3.2.tar.gz distribution.
>2) copy mysql.c into $DISTRO/src/
>3) apply the included patch.  I did a patch -p0 < sp.diff from $DISTRO
>4) Edit the makefile to point to your mysql dir. mine is /usr/local/mysql/
>5) make

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