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Re: Mysql

From: Ken Berland <ken(at)>
Date: Wed Oct 11 2000 - 20:28:41 GMT
I've patched swish-1.3 to accept data from mysql.  The .conf file params
look like this:

MysqlRules host your-mysql-host
MysqlRules database your-db-name
MysqlRules username your-mysql-username
MysqlRules password your-password
MysqlRules table name-of-table
MysqlRules title-column unused-right-now
MysqlRules primary-key column-with-primary-key
MysqlRules data-column column-with-text-date

I think all the params are necesary, but I'm not sure.  This has been a
pretty quick exercise.

It needs to be integrated into the distibution, but seems to work.

1) Unpack the swish-efiles.1.3.2.tar.gz distribution.
2) copy mysql.c into $DISTRO/src/
3) apply the included patch.  I did a patch -p0 < sp.diff from $DISTRO
4) Edit the makefile to point to your mysql dir. mine is /usr/local/mysql/
5) make

Received on Wed Oct 11 20:40:14 2000