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Re: SLOW indexing on Sun E450

From: <jmruiz(at)>
Date: Thu Oct 05 2000 - 08:01:39 GMT
Hi Joseph,

On 4 Oct 2000, at 13:20, Joseph Alba wrote:

> Now things are getting interesting...  I just copied the swish-e binary 
> from my old server - Solaris 2.6 32-bit -- and things seem to be moving 
> along quite nicely.  Has anyone tested compiling/running swish-e under 
> Solaris 2.8 64-bit??
Sounds interesting. I have just tested it in Solaris 2.6 (gcc), AIX 4.3 
(gcc and IBM's cc) and RedaHat Linux 6.2 (gcc).
It runs quite well in all of them. All the i/o operations are made 
through the habitual C functions: fopen, fclose, fget, fput, fseek, 
fread, fwrite,...
All numbers are integer and long integer. I do not use long long (64 bit).

Received on Thu Oct 5 08:02:14 2000