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swish-e -D index.swish

From: Bas Meijer <bas(at)>
Date: Tue Sep 19 2000 - 12:23:40 GMT

Swish-e 1.3.x has a -D flag for decompressing indexfiles to stdout.
A lot of numbers pass and lines with somthing like this format:
word: num num num num ...

Is this flag still supported in 2.0.1? (I still need to upgrade 
lookup to that version).

Does anyone know what these numbers mean? I hope they can be usefull 
for an idea i have in post-processing the index. At this point I have 
only made dictionary.cgi which allows you to browse the words in the 
index in an alphabetical way and search with them with lookup.cgi.

I would like to cluster the words in the index based on their 
location and frequency, if someone is aware of a way to do this...

dictionary.cgi is included in

other features included as well: pagination & datefilters & abstracts 
& docpart.

1.6.0 is a feature release for local use, please report trouble...

Bas Meijer
Received on Tue Sep 19 12:23:57 2000