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meta start and end tag indexing problem

From: jeff saenz <jeff(at)>
Date: Wed Sep 06 2000 - 19:09:26 GMT
Has anyone had success  using the start and end meta tags to include
property fields in an html file for indexing?

For example, I 'm trying:

<!-- meta start name="question">this is the text of the question.
it wraps across multiple lines..
<!-- meta end -->

I try running queries and the question prop comes back empty. WHen it's
added to the meta tag section in the header things work fine.

I'm running swish-e 1.3 on red hat.

ALSO, does anyone know how to include double quotes in the content attr
of the header meta tag or in tag attributes in general.

Document ref:

Jeff Saenz
Received on Wed Sep 6 19:09:36 2000