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Exclude links from indexing?

From: <kopplin(at)>
Date: Sun Sep 03 2000 - 06:49:23 GMT
I'm using Swish-E to search a mailing list archive. I am trying to find
a way to exclude the text in links that point to the next message by date,
next in thread, previous, etc. I would rather the search just find words
that occurred in the original message, not in all the text that was added
by the archiving software.

I do have INDEXTAGS = 0, but I'm guessing this only works on the text
between < and > and not between begin and end tags like a link.

Am I missing something?

Is there a way to signal Swish-E to ignore the rest of a file, where all
the links are?

If none of the above, where would be a good place to patch the code?

Mike Kopplin
Received on Sun Sep 3 06:53:53 2000