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Some Qs about Swish-E

From: Chris Barbee <cbarbee(at)>
Date: Thu Aug 31 2000 - 17:40:43 GMT

	We are looking for an open source search engine / indexer that we can build
upon,  and I thought SWISH-E might do thje trick.  So,  I have some
questions ....

	1)  What kind of search algorithm is used in SWISH-E?
	2)  How fast is SWISH-E with fairly large sets of web pages?  100-1000
	3)  Can you do binary searches?
	4)  How relevant are the pages that are returned?
	5)  Is there a RankPage algorithm that sorts the results so you see the
most relevant pages first?
	6)  How large is the community that uses SWISH-E?

please send replies to

Thanks for you help, (in advance)

Christopher Barbee :-)
Received on Thu Aug 31 17:45:04 2000