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Re: Searching for date-ranges, web frontends?

From: Bas Meijer <bas(at)>
Date: Thu Aug 31 2000 - 10:03:44 GMT
Hi Paul,

Date searches were what we were missing as well. So I made lookup.cgi
to help searching a MHonarc-built archive of a netnews/majordomo server.

Lookup is available under GNU GPL at .

It includes a webserver-script: lookup.cgi, that allows you to search 
with swish-e and filter the output of swish-e on the filedates. You 
can set two filters: before a date & after a date, you can combine 
these filters. The Lookup package uses the (included) Date::Calc perl 
library, so you should be able to install these. (Not neccesarily as 

lookup.cgi is a perl5 script that is a front end developed for swish-e 1.3.x
(Simple Web Indexing System for Humans - Enhanced) it can be used 
with swish-e 2.0.1 but does not (yet) use new functions.

lookup.cgi filters on the current filedates (with a stat() call) 
because they are not stored in the swish index. you can use the touch 
command to set the filedates if needed.

Drop a line if you use it, i'm curious about the installation 
instructions/procedures, it should be easy.

You can also find other scripts for Swish-e at:


Bas Meijer

>I'm interested in being able to control a date-range for
>the keyword(s) being searched for. I guess dates and numbers
>aren't indexed?
>I think I asked this before, but just incase...there does not seem
>to be much in the way of web-based frontends for SWISH-E. I have
>been using the old WWWWAIS that was used with the original SWISH
>and I would like to upgrade as the new index format of SWISH-E 2.x
>doesn't work with the old WWWWAIS.
>--Paul T.
>How does a tree get on the world wide web?
>It logs on.
Received on Thu Aug 31 10:08:00 2000