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Re: Posting

From: David Norris <dave(at)>
Date: Thu Aug 31 2000 - 17:08:38 GMT
David Smith wrote:
> I was interested in obtaining installation instructions for swish-e (1.3.2
> or later) under WindowsNT.  Does anyone know either (a) where the
> instructions are or (b) who has already done the installation under WinNT?

Isn't really much installing to it.  Unzip the file, edit the config
file according to the documentation, index the documents (swish-e -c
user.config), install a front end script: one you have written, one
listed at the Berkeley site, etc.  Installing a script is probably the
hardest part.  But, explaining that's probably best left to the
documentation for whichever server is being used (MS-IIS?).  I think IIS
has PERL support included, so that may be an easy option.

There is a nice QuickStart guide that isn't really OS specific:

The documentation for SWISH-E under Windows is the same as Unix.  The
only differences deal with the file naming schemes in Win32 and Unix (\
vs / and such).  I think those differences are briefly outlined in the
default user.config

Windows Packages:

   I'll try to build SWISH-E 2.0.1 for Windows sometime tonight.  I just
realized I only have 2.0 beta 4 available.

Front End Scripts:

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