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Re: Swish 2.0.1 beta: xml tags?

From: Frank Heasley <DrHeasley(at)>
Date: Sat Aug 26 2000 - 03:17:19 GMT
It's compiled on Redhat 6.1, Intel P-233.  The meta tests all work.

These are files that are exclusively xml.  They have around 14 different 
xml tags, but I only selected 2 of them to test with. Originally these 
files contained no html tags at all.  I even tried to fix it by adding html 
formatting tags to the test files, and changed their names to ".html" 
instead of ".xml" but still no go.

Things I haven't tried yet:

Is it necessary to name ALL of the tags?  If so, what is the function of 
Is it required that ALL of the tags be repeated in the properties section?
There are 4 possible combinations of 'OKNOMETA' and 'REQMETANAME'.  Which 
one is correct?


At 08:03 PM 8/25/00, you wrote:
>Frank Heasley wrote:
> > The following also give no results, even when searching for text known
> > to be present:
>Which OS?  Do you see this behavior when you do make test?  The meta tag
>tests pass and seem to work just fine here.  Perhaps it is something
>system specific.  I am building on Linux 2.2.14 with GCC 2.95.  I will
>check it on FreeBSD in a bit.
>'make test' calls swish-e like this:
>Meta (1, 2, XML):
>   swish-e -f ./test.index -w meta3=metatest
>Meta + Phrase:
>   swish-e -f ./test.index -w 'meta3="three little pigs"'
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