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More on Swish Library

From: <jmruiz(at)>
Date: Mon Aug 21 2000 - 16:16:14 GMT
Hi Bill,

More about swish-e library...
> It does use some memory, though.  My mod_perl processes were going from 8MB
> to over 20MB.  Is that expected?  Get twenty of so Apache children running
> and that's a bit of memory (although I wonder how much is shared).  I also
> wonder if it would use less memory to use a swish server process.  And I
> wonder if that would be much slower.  

I have tested your program, and you are right. The library has a 
severe bug in memory management when trying to execute more 
than one search without reopen the index file. This is the reason
for the segfault. 

Moreover, there is a memory leak: a small amount of memory is 
not freed after each search:
I have looked at the memory used by and it is always 
increasing. It needs upto 3 Meg of RAM in a Solaris box but I do not
know wich is the part required for the perl interpreter.

I have fixed the segfault but I have applied the fix to a more 
advanced version, with a rewritten index engine and a different 
index file format (the header changes the way it is stored).
I will try to release it this week (I hope) with a couple of new 
functions. I also want to close swish-e-2.0 (no more bug reports) 
after adding a better way to build the code (using autoconf files 
from Bas Meier) and some minor changes to the README files.

Received on Mon Aug 21 16:20:22 2000