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Re: Swish Library

From: David Norris <dave(at)>
Date: Sat Aug 19 2000 - 14:37:34 GMT
Bill Moseley wrote:
> What I'm wondering is how I open an index and leave it open 

Across multiple connections?  I'd think there would need to be a special
persistent-open function or option.  There are a number of modules in
PHP which provide persistent connections to databases in
something_pconnect() functions.  I'd expect modPERL has similar
constructs (otherwise you probably wouldn't have mentioned it ;-).

> Would/does it save much time to leave the handle open
> for multiple searches.  (I'm thinking about mod_perl.)

It very well might make a small difference which could add up to a big

> I'm also need access to the header comments -- I use wordcharacters,
> stemming, and the Swish Words all highlighting results.  I guess those are
> on the todo list.

Data in the comments are vital for everything I do.  I'd definitely need
access to it.  Maybe it could be returned in a more useful fashion. 
Perhaps return them as an array or something.  Then again, they are
stored as comments in the index so it might be just as easy to return
them in results as with the shell version.

> It does use some memory, though.  My mod_perl processes were going from 8MB
> to over 20MB.  Is that expected?  Get twenty of so Apache children running
> and that's a bit of memory (although I wonder how much is shared).  I also

I'd bet you'll find that much of it it shared (I hope! ;-).

> wonder if it would use less memory to use a swish server process.  And I
> wonder if that would be much slower.

I think this might be faster if it could cache frequently used indices
and make persistent connections to the web server processes.  That would
probably require much more memory, though.  Much of which would probably
be swapped out (possibly negating the benefits) on many systems.

Might be an option someone could toy with.  The idea certianly comes up
often enough.  It should be easy to wrap around this library in a number
of ways.

> I'm running Linux 2.2.13, perl 5.6.0. with 128M.

I have some work to get out of the way then I'm going to try and spend
some of the weekend on stemmer.c and maybe a PHP module.

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