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Re: C library and perl module

From: <jmruiz(at)>
Date: Wed Aug 16 2000 - 13:58:26 GMT
Hi Bill,

On 16 Aug 2000, at 5:40, Bill Moseley wrote:

> Hi Jose,
> I've downloaded and installed the new swish lib.  This is a regular swish-e
> 2.0beta4 distribution with the library included, correct?
It is true. But I had to make several important modifications to the 
code in order to get a thread safe library. So use it carefully. Do not
use it in a production environment.
At this moment, stemmer.c is not thread safe. Dave is looking at 
the code.

> I'm on the mod_perl list.  I know there are a few people on that list that
> use swish, so you think it might be good to announce the beta there,
> especially since the library is included?

It sounds good to me but, perhaps, we must wait to hear from 
people's advice. As you can see the implementation is very simple
and does not follow a more poweful object approach.

> Do you think embedding swish-e in a mod_perl program is a realistic
> approach or would it consume too much memory (since often there are 20
> forked Apache children around)?  
The main memory problem with swish-e happens when you are 
indexing. Searching uses less memory. But it depends on the 
search that people executes. Search for "a*" uses much more 
memory than searching for "alabama". The list of results are in
memory (including filenames and properties), so it depends in what
you are searching.
As a general rule I think that it will not consume too much memory.

> There's a lot of people on the mod_perl list that might be interested in
> the swish library.  Do you mind if I post a notice about it on that list?
No problem. But just remember that it is in a very alpha state.

> You posted a problem with stemmer.c not being thread safe.  Did you resolve
> those issues?
Not yet, Dave is on it.

Received on Wed Aug 16 10:02:29 2000