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RE: SWISH spider and JavaScript Links

From: Chris Humphries <ChrisJMH(at)>
Date: Sun Aug 13 2000 - 20:29:33 GMT
>> From:, 12 Aug 2000 04:48:43
>> A lot of Web sites these days generate their links using JavaScript.
>> As it stands, the SWISH spider is unable to handle links created this 
>> I am thinking of trying to add support for these links to the spider,
>> but only if it can be done in a reasonably reliable and stable way.
>> Does anyone have any advice or thoughts about this?

>Hmm.  I haven't seen these yet.  What do they look like?
>Are there identifiable patterns or especially common uses
>that it would be useful to categorize in devising solutions?

I'm not too sure exactly how many ways one can define a link in JavaScript, 
but one link I did come across in a site looked like this:


How would one extract links like these in a safe and reliable way? I could 
just extract the HTML filenames from the string, recreate the URI for the 
link, and pass that back as the link. I haven't tried this yet because I am 
busy with some other work, but I will have a chance inside the next week or 
so. What is interesting about the site I was looking at was that there was 
no way into the site except via links of this type.

Chris Humphries
Received on Sun Aug 13 16:33:36 2000