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Re: Index only meta names

From: <jmruiz(at)>
Date: Wed Aug 09 2000 - 18:25:48 GMT
Hi Bill,

> My example of
>   swish-e -w meta1,meta2,meta4=(word)
> Can be done currently like this:
>   swish-e -w meta1=(word) or meta2=(word) or meta4=(word)
> So I don't see the need for real the change.  Makes programming the search
> query a bit easier the first way, but not that much easier.
> But, it might be faster for swish, though, to be able to use the first
> method.  In the second example, my guess is that swish does three searches
> and then merges the results(?)  Using the first example above maybe swish
> would only have to make one pass and not merge?
Unfortunately, the search cannot be done in just one pass. The 
code would need some modification.

> Another idea to throw out would be to have a reserved word meta name
> "default", so you could say:
>    swish -w default=(word) 
> and say only search in the areas not defined by the METANAME configuration.
> Then you could do thing like
>    swish -w default,title,subject=(word)
> To search in the default area, and in the two meta named areas.

Sounds good.

Received on Wed Aug 9 14:29:34 2000