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Re: Index only meta names

From: Bill Moseley <moseley(at)>
Date: Wed Aug 09 2000 - 12:40:51 GMT
At 02:10 AM 08/09/00 -0700, wrote:
>MetaNames are numbered 2,3,4... and everything else is 1. So 
>discarding non metanames is easy.
>> So it might be easy to ignore non metanames in index.c.
>Yes, it should be easy. Now, swish-e-2.0-beta4 is quite
>stable (no more bugs have been reported). We can include this 
>feature in the next release as an option in the config file.

Now I'm wondering:  Would this feature offer much on the indexing side?
Swish would still have to parse the entire document for the meta names, and
it wouldn't necessarily reduce the size of the index, correct?  Do you
think indexing might be faster?

Currently one can limit the search to meta names by specifying the names in
the search, so I'm wondering if that feature would, well, be a feature.

It might be nice to be able to say "Search in all the meta names" like

  swish-e -w *=(swish or "best search engines") and have it look in all the 

meta names.

I'd also like to be able to do this:

  swish-e -w meta1,meta2,meta4=(just words in those meta tabs)

Of course phrasing might be tricky in those cases as swish would have to
find only phrases within one meta name.

Anyway, do you think a feature to only index meta names would offer much
benefit over just limiting the search to the meta names?

Bill Moseley
Received on Wed Aug 9 08:44:37 2000