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From: Chris Humphries <ChrisJMH(at)>
Date: Tue Aug 08 2000 - 18:25:23 GMT
Bill Moseley wrote:

>Another option that may or may not be faster than writing a filter would 
>to modify index.c.  I wanted to be able to only index META tags that are
>defined in METANAMES so I added the REQMETANAME setting to config.h.  It
>only took a few minutes to make the change in the source.

>As I remember (perhaps incorrectly), the index stores words in categories
>by number where the meta names are numbered 1,2,3... and everything else
>get is zero.  (is that correct Jose?)  Sorry, I don't have time to look at
>the source right now.

>So it might be easy to ignore non metanames in index.c.

If a search for "just meta tags" could be handled by SWISH directly that 
would be much better. I have only been writing extensions to SWISH in Perl 
to add functionality that SWISH doesn't already have. I'm not familiar with 
the C source code, so playing around with it is not my first choice.

I find that for quick results, treating SWISH as a black box and wrapping 
it in Perl is a pretty good solution (it keeps SWISH simple as well). Perl 
is so good at anything involving text that it makes writing such extensions 
a fairly easy task. Thus you can customise SWISH for a particular task in a 
very short space of time.

I don't have the option of compiling SWISH for all platforms, so Perl's 
platform portability means that I can write these extensions for people 
using operating systems other than Windows NT, such as UNIX etc.

Chris Humphries
Received on Tue Aug 8 14:29:05 2000