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Re: Re: Dutch Stopword list for Swish-E 2.0

From: <jmruiz(at)>
Date: Tue Aug 01 2000 - 09:13:37 GMT
Hi Dave,

On 28 Jul 2000, at 18:05, David Norris wrote:

> wrote:
> > At this moment, I am writting a C library and a perl module
> > to use swish-e's capabilities directly from perl, C and perhaps
> > PHP. I have the C library almost finished and
> > I am working in the xs and pm files for the perl module.
> I can have a go at a PHP module if you do not have time.  I've never
> built a PHP module, but, I am certianly willing to try.  I am more than
> eager to get a working PHP module!  ;-)  

I have never built a PHP module. In fact, this is my second perl 
module. The first one was much more simple.

The C library is in a very alpha implementation. Basically, I use a 
struct (very similar to the C standard FILE struct) to handle all the 


struct SWISH *handle=SwishOpen();  /* Reads headers of index 
files */
int results=SwishSearch(handle,searchstring,options..)

struct result=SwishNext(handle)  /* Reads result  and advances 

SwishClose(handle)  /* Release memory */

There are other functions in mind like:

char *wordchars=SwishHeader(handle,"WordCharacters")
/* returns header values by name */
SwishSeek(handle, position) 
/* Like fseek(fp,position,0) */

When I have a more decent library, I will inform you.

Received on Tue Aug 1 02:14:14 2000