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Re: Dutch Stopword list for Swish-E 2.0

From: Bas Meijer <bas(at)>
Date: Fri Jul 28 2000 - 13:38:29 GMT
>I have also looked at your lookup package, but not a very
>deep look.
>I really like some of its features, specially the
>cgi samples.
>I f you do not mind, we could add some of your work to
>swish-e-2.0 package.


Hi Jose,

Be sure to include these files from my swish version for easier compilation:

(are you familiar with autoconf? the configure script will look 
around your system to find compilers and such, it will generate a 
Makefile customized for you. You might want to change so 
it's input is correct for your version, is probably 
fine) The webmasters only use will be:

make install

(No need to edit makefiles greatly enhances the user experience)

Also include the Manpage: swish-e.1 and it's textversion swish-e.txt

You can include the cgi scripts as they fully implement swish-e's capabilities.
They are also much more secure than some other perl scripts around 
because, on unix, they call swish-e in a way that excludes shell 
escapes and includes system error messages, even when swish-e is not 
found or malfunctions. The cgi's also parse the output header and 
include that in their output (maintainer, indexing date, number of 
words and files). You can use a template.html with your house-style.

I've included auto-swish, it used to be a separate package, but that 
had some security concerns, my version in Lookup 1.4.2 is much more 
robust in that area:
there is a password protected admin area and other areas are protected as well.
These protections rely on your webservers 'Basic' password protection 
and on file permissions. However the use of autoswish requires a 
security audit. (as any webserver does).

When Swish-e 2.0 is final I'll update Lookup to use it's new capabilities.

(Lookup can be found at

drop me a line if you use it...

Kind regards,

Bas Meijer


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     c-OO Web Services
     \  >     Kerkstraat 19 Postbus 256 1400 AG Bussum
      \&&     t. +31 35 7502100  f. +31 35 7502111
Received on Fri Jul 28 09:42:06 2000