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stopwords? help...!

From: Tsechansky, Maytal Saar <mstsechansky(at)>
Date: Thu Jul 20 2000 - 13:38:25 GMT
We have our own list of stopwords that we would not like to index. these may
not be frequent words in our documents, just words we decided not to index. 
We use the IgnoreWords directives in the user.config file to list the words
we would like not indexed in the following way:

IgnoreWords tip to together too top toward towards training transcription
tribute trillion twenty two
IgnoreWords u under unions unless unlike unlikely until up update upon us
used usenet using v ve very

And we run swish with -c by specifying the user.config file. 

However, swish-e continues to index the words listed in the IngnoreWords
directives (we use multiple directives). 
As it is probably apparent I am not a Unix girl nor a C programmer. I may be
doing it all wrong. 
How shall I specify terms to be ignored when indexing?

Received on Thu Jul 20 09:42:04 2000