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Re: swish-e future

From: David Norris <dave(at)>
Date: Tue Jul 18 2000 - 15:37:31 GMT wrote:
> What do you think about future versions of swish-e?

I'm still excited over 2.0! ;-)

> I have received several mails from different people for new addons.
> Here are some of them:
> 1. Perl and php modules for searching index files

That would be enormously useful.

> 6. Build a C library. This will help in making a perl or php
> module.

Lack of a usable library is one of the many reasons (excuses? :-) I have
not attempted to work on 1.

> 11. A search engine with some type of optimization
> for complex queries.

6 should greatly increase the feasibility of this.  I don't think many
current users would benefit, unfortunately.

> I think these ones will also be useful:
> 9. Someone asks for unicode support...

That's probably a vitally important feature for a number of people.  I
wish I had some understanding how that would be implemented.

> 12. Stemming modules for non english languages.

Some way to interface new index/search "filtering" (such as stem and
soundex) modules without modifying code might be nice.  

> Any more ideas?

I wish I had more ideas. :-)  Your list covers most everything that
comes to my mind.

> handle=SwishOpen(IndexFiles)         /* read headers */
> numresults=SwishSearch(handle,search_string, options...)
> result=SwishRetrieve(handle)     /* Get result */
> SwishClose(handle)   /* realease handle and memory */
> With this library, I think that building perl, php or even java
> modules should be easier.

I think that would greatly simplify integrating SWISH-E into other

,David Norris
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