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How many documents can SWISH index?

From: Chris Humphries <ChrisJMH(at)>
Date: Fri Jul 07 2000 - 15:26:38 GMT
I have been asked to pass this question on to the SWISH discussion group:

How many documents can SWISH index?

By this they meant: does SWISH fall over after n documents?
Are there any limits beyond basic memory and disk space?

What would be really useful is if people could say how many documents they are indexing and under which method, i.e. FILESYSTEM or HTTP.

I have heard people mention that they are indexing up to 20,000 documents. Is that correct? Has anyone indexed more?
I am especially interested in people indexing using HTTP.

Many thanks for your help, in advance,

Chris Humphries
Received on Fri Jul 7 11:48:48 2000