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RE: Patched Spider

From: PropheZine Webmaster <bob(at)>
Date: Sat Jun 24 2000 - 10:31:24 GMT

I tested your spider against my personal site and it worked fine.  I tested

and it does not function:

Indexing Data Source: "HTTP-Crawler"
retrieving (0)...
 (18 words)

Removing very common words... no words removed.
Writing main index... 14 unique words indexed.
Writing file index... 1 file indexed.
Running time: 4 seconds.
Indexing done!
[usr147@unix2502 search]$


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[]On Behalf Of David Norris
Sent: Friday, June 23, 2000 10:55 PM
To: Multiple recipients of list
Subject: [SWISH-E] Patched Spider

PropheZine Webmaster wrote:
> 2.  applied the spider and spider2 patches

The spider patch is already applied to http.c in 1.3.2.

I have a patched and tested swishspider at:

I also changed the #! to /usr/bin/perl since that is a standard location
for the PERL binary.  The reference in the distribution is SPARC

The spider works perfectly with "perl, version 5.005_03 built for
i386-linux"  I can't test on BSD since the version of PERL on the system
is ancient (as is the system).

> if( substr($response-header("content-type"), 0, length("text/html")) eq
> "text/html" ) {

Looks correct to me.

,David Norris
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Received on Sat Jun 24 06:46:52 2000