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Jose-Thank you

From: PropheZine Webmaster <bob(at)>
Date: Wed Jun 21 2000 - 15:08:31 GMT
Hi Jose:

I've been in software development since high school (1973).  Although I am
now involved in the net in a big way I still love to hack around in code.  I
spent most of my career working in assembler and never really learned "c".
I can hack a bit but that's about it.  If I knew it better I'd help with

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for the work you are doing.
I'm still using 1.3.2 but will upgrade when 2.0 comes out of beta - can not
afford an major errors popping up.

Thanks again for the effort!

Bob Lally
Owner/CEO PropheZine

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[]On Behalf Of Jose Manuel Ruiz
Sent: Wednesday, June 21, 2000 10:12 AM
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Subject: [SWISH-E] Re: Preventing DOS attack (was: severe swish-e


David Norris wrote:
> Bill Moseley wrote:
> There are tons of things one can do to fight against DoS.  Of course,
> you normally don't think of them until something drastic has happened
> ;-)
> > I also limit two letter wildcards, and the total number of wild cards.
> Sounds like a reasonable idea.
> > The other thing I do to reduce a DOS attack is to limit the amount of
> > for each request, and kill off swish at the timeout.

Old swish-e (1.3.2) has a terrible lack in performance when databases
contains thousands of document and a search returns many results. For
this reason, in phrase version I rewrote the "or" result function to
improve speed and use less memory.

Yesterday, I also rewrote the "and" function because it has the same
problem. When "anding" two lists of results, swish-e is very slow if
there are many occurrences in them. This is the case when wildcard is
used in a search string.

With these changes, I think I have improved search speed notoriously.
I am testing it now in Solaris, Aix and Linux.

Other problems not fixed in the new version:
- As tested by Dave, the new beta version does not work in FreeBSD.
Yesterday I could download FreeBSD (thank you, Dave). Hope to test it
soon. Anybody has tested it in other OS different form Solaris, Linux,
Win32 or FreeBSD?
- Bill's requirement of using wordchars while parsing search string:
Still there but not forgotten.

Have a nice day

Jose Ruiz
Received on Wed Jun 21 11:24:48 2000